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Baojia company recruitment talent

Reading : 1766        DATE : 2018-1-15

In recent years, Baojia Company has expanded its scale and performance has been rapidly increasing. It has the characteristics of "rapid development, good humanities, excellent environment, steady work and high treatment". Development, please call or to the company advice.
Specific recruitment posts are as follows:
A rolling mill main operation (6 people, men and women unlimited)
Second, mill operators (12)
Heavy volume welding operator (6)
CNC grinder operator (6)
Annealing operator (12)
Six. Smoothing operator (6)
Seven points operator (6)
Eight. Quality inspector (3 people, female)
Nine statisticians (1 person, female)
Ten spare parts (hardware) warehouse manager (1, female)
A total of 55 people
Above job requirements:
1. Technical secondary school or vocational graduates, good health, 20 to 25 years of age;
2. Strong sense of responsibility, willing to learn willing to drill (the company will organize pre-natal training, on-the-job training and master on-site training), able to work hard;
3. Operators need mechanical, electrical and mechanical, electrical, automation, CNC, welding, fitter maintenance and other engineering major;
4 statisticians, warehouse clerk jobs need to do things carefully, have basic financial knowledge, clear writing specifications, will be proficient in operating the office automation system;

Contact: Ye Lei: 13822014353; Xie Jianping: 13822015005
Company Address: Jiedong Development Zone, Jieyang City, Guangdong Province Yokoyama Avenue Guangdong Baojia Stainless Steel Industrial Co., Ltd.

This offer is valid until September 1, 2015.